2014 JUPAS Main Round Offer Arrangements

The Main Round offer results will be announced on 8 August 2014 (from 9:00 am) through the following channels:

  1. JUPAS website
  2. The websites of the 9 JUPAS participating-institutions
  3. JUPAS 24-hour enquiry hotline at 2334 2330
Please click on the Programme Full Title to check the procedures on payment of acceptanace fee of HK$5,000 and registration procedures.
City University of Hong Kong
Institution JUPAS Catalogue No. Programme Full Title
CityUJS1001College of Business (Bachelor of Business Administration)
CityUJS1011College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Social Sciences)
CityUJS1021College of Science and Engineering (Engineering)
CityUJS1031College of Science and Engineering (Science)
CityUJS1041School of Creative Media (Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Science / Bachelor of Arts and Science)
CityUJS1051School of Energy and Environment (Bachelor of Engineering - Energy Science and Engineering)
CityUJS1061School of Law (Bachelor of Laws)
CityUJS1091Associate of Science - Architectural Studies/ Building Services Engineering/ Construction Engineering and Management/ Surveying

Hong Kong Baptist University
Institution JUPAS Catalogue No. Programme Full Title
HKBUJS2020Bachelor of Arts
HKBUJS2030Bachelor of Arts in Music
HKBUJS2040English Language & Literature and English Language Teaching (Double Degree)
HKBUJS2110Bachelor of Business Administration - Accounting
HKBUJS2120Bachelor of Business Administration
HKBUJS2310Bachelor of Social Sciences in Communication
HKBUJS2410Bachelor of Chinese Medicine and Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Science
HKBUJS2420Bachelor of Pharmacy in Chinese Medicine
HKBUJS2510Bachelor of Science
HKBUJS2610Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Social Sciences
HKBUJS2620Bachelor of Arts in Physical Education and Recreation Management
HKBUJS2630Bachelor of Social Sciences in European Studies - French Stream
HKBUJS2640Bachelor of Social Sciences in European Studies - German Stream
HKBUJS2650Bachelor of Social Sciences in China Studies (Economics / Geography / History / Sociology)
HKBUJS2660Bachelor of Social Work
HKBUJS2680Geography / History / Sociology and Liberal Studies Teaching (Double Degree)
HKBUJS2810Bachelor of Arts in Visual Arts

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Institution JUPAS Catalogue No. Programme Full Title
PolyUJS3002Broad Discipline of Applied Sciences
PolyUJS3014HD in Applied Physics
PolyUJS3026HD in Building Services Engineering
PolyUJS3038HD in Building Technology & Management (Engineering)
PolyUJS3040HD in Chemical Technology
PolyUJS3052HD in Civil Engineering
PolyUJS3064HD in Electrical Engineering
PolyUJS3076HD in Electronic & Information Engineering
PolyUJS3088HD in Geomatics
PolyUJS3090HD in Hotel Management
PolyUJS3117HD in Industrial & Systems Engineering
PolyUJS3131Broad Discipline of Business
PolyUJS3143HD in International Transport Logistics
PolyUJS3155HD Scheme in Fashion & Textile Studies
PolyUJS3193HD in Multimedia Design & Technology
PolyUJS3208Broad Discipline of Construction & Environment
PolyUJS3246HD in Product Innovation Technologies
PolyUJS3284HD in Building Technology & Management (Surveying)
PolyUJS3296Broad Discipline of Hotel and Tourism Management
PolyUJS3301Broad Discipline of Social Sciences
PolyUJS3313Broad Discipline of Engineering
PolyUJS3337BSc (Hons) in Mental Health Nursing
PolyUJS3349BSc (Hons) in Food Safety & Technology
PolyUJS3351BEng (Hons) in Transportation Systems Engineering
PolyUJS3363BSc (Hons) in Investment Science
PolyUJS3375BSc (Hons) in Environment & Sustainable Development
PolyUJS3404BEng (Hons) in Product Engineering with Marketing
PolyUJS3428BEng (Hons) in Product Analysis & Engineering Design
PolyUJS3442BSc (Hons) in Property Management
PolyUJS3454BSc (Hons) in Logistics Engineering with Management
PolyUJS3466BBA (Hons) in Accounting & Finance
PolyUJS3478BSc (Hons) in Medical Laboratory Science
PolyUJS3480Broad Discipline of Language, Culture & Communication
PolyUJS3492BA (Hons) Scheme in Fashion & Textiles
PolyUJS3519BSc (Hons) in Internet & Multimedia Technologies
PolyUJS3521BSc (Hons) in Enterprise Engineering with Management
PolyUJS3533BBA (Hons) in Global Supply Chain Management
PolyUJS3545BA (Hons) in Social Policy & Administration
PolyUJS3569BA (Hons) Scheme in Design
PolyUJS3583BBA (Hons) in Management
PolyUJS3595BBA (Hons) in Financial Services
PolyUJS3600BSc (Hons) in Biomedical Engineering
PolyUJS3612BSc (Hons) in Radiography
PolyUJS3624BSc (Hons) in Occupational Therapy
PolyUJS3636BSc (Hons) in Physiotherapy
PolyUJS3648BSc (Hons) in Nursing
PolyUJS3650BSc (Hons) in Optometry
PolyUJS3662BA (Hons) in Social Work
PolyUJS3674BBA (Hons) in International Shipping & Transport Logistics
PolyUJS3686BEng (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering
PolyUJS3698BEng (Hons) in Industrial & Systems Engineering
PolyUJS3703BEng (Hons) in Electronic & Information Engineering
PolyUJS3715BEng (Hons) in Electrical Engineering
PolyUJS3727BSc (Hons) in Geomatics
PolyUJS3739BEng (Hons) in Civil Engineering
PolyUJS3753BEng (Hons) in Building Services Engineering
PolyUJS3789BSc (Hons) in Surveying
PolyUJS3791BSc (Hons) in Building Engineering & Management
PolyUJS3868Broad Discipline of Computing
PolyUJS3870BSc (Hons) in Tourism Management
PolyUJS3882BSc (Hons) in Hotel Management
PolyUJS3894BBA (Hons) in Marketing
PolyUJS3911BBA (Hons) in Accountancy
PolyUJS3923BSc (Hons) in Applied Biology with Biotechnology
PolyUJS3985BSc (Hons) in Engineering Physics
PolyUJS3997BSc (Hons) in Chemical Technology

The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Institution JUPAS Catalogue No. Programme Full Title
CUHKJS4018Chinese Language and Literature
CUHKJS4020Cultural Studies
CUHKJS4022Cultural Management
CUHKJS4044Fine Arts
CUHKJS4068Japanese Studies
CUHKJS4109Religious Studies
CUHKJS4202Integrated Bachelor of Business Administration Programme
CUHKJS4214Global Business Studies
CUHKJS4226Hotel and Tourism Management
CUHKJS4236Insurance, Financial and Actuarial Analysis / Quantitative Finance
CUHKJS4240Professional Accountancy
CUHKJS4254Interdisciplinary Major Programme in Global Economics and Finance
CUHKJS4276Quantitative Finance and Risk Management Science
CUHKJS4288International Business and Chinese Enterprise
CUHKJS4329Physical Education, Exercise Science and Health
CUHKJS4331BA and BEd (Chinese Language Education) Co-terminal Double Degree Programme
CUHKJS4343B.A. (English Studies) and B.Ed. (English Language Education)
CUHKJS4355Liberal Studies
CUHKJS4361B.Ed. in Mathematics and Mathematics Education
CUHKJS4501Medicine (MBChB) Programme
CUHKJS4502Medicine (MBChB) Programme Global Physician-Leadership Stream
CUHKJS4537Public Health
CUHKJS4542Chinese Medicine
CUHKJS4682Enrichment Mathematics
CUHKJS4719Risk Management Science
CUHKJS4801Social Science
CUHKJS4812Architectural Studies
CUHKJS4836Geography and Resource Management
CUHKJS4838Urban Studies
CUHKJS4848Government and Public Administration
CUHKJS4850Journalism and Communication
CUHKJS4874Social Work
CUHKJS4895Contemporary China Studies (for Humanities stream)
CUHKJS4896Contemporary China Studies (for Social Science stream)
CUHKJS4903Bachelor of Laws

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Institution JUPAS Catalogue No. Programme Full Title
HKUSTJS5003Business and Management
HKUSTJS5004Global China Studies: Humanities and Social Science
HKUSTJS5011International Research Enrichment
HKUSTJS5013Global Business

The University of Hong Kong
Institution JUPAS Catalogue No. Programme Full Title
HKUJS6004Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Studies
HKUJS6016Bachelor of Science in Surveying
HKUJS6028Bachelor of Arts in Landscape Studies
HKUJS6030Bachelor of Arts in Conservation
HKUJS6042Bachelor of Arts in Urban Studies
HKUJS6054Bachelor of Arts
HKUJS6066Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education in Language Education - English (double degree)
HKUJS6078Bachelor of Arts in Literary Studies and Bachelor of Laws
HKUJS6080Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education in Language Education - Chinese (double degree)
HKUJS6107Bachelor of Dental Surgery
HKUJS6119Bachelor of Education and Bachelor of Science (double degree)
HKUJS6157Bachelor of Science in Speech and Hearing Sciences
HKUJS6183Bachelor of Science in Exercise and Health
HKUJS6195Bachelor of Education and Bachelor of Social Sciences (double degree)
HKUJS6406Bachelor of Laws
HKUJS6456Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
HKUJS6468Bachelor of Nursing
HKUJS6482Bachelor of Chinese Medicine
HKUJS6494Bachelor of Pharmacy
HKUJS6717Bachelor of Social Sciences
HKUJS6729Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Science
HKUJS6731Bachelor of Social Work
HKUJS6767Bachelor of Economics / Bachelor of Economics and Finance
HKUJS6781Bachelor of Business Administration / Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting and Finance
HKUJS6793Bachelor of Business Administration (Information Systems)
HKUJS6808Bachelor of Business Administration (Law) and Bachelor of Laws
HKUJS6810Bachelor of Social Sciences (Government and Laws) and Bachelor of Laws
HKUJS6822Bachelor of Journalism
HKUJS6884Bachelor of Science in Quantitative Finance
HKUJS6896Bachelor of Business Administration (International Business and Global Management)
HKUJS6901Bachelor of Science
HKUJS6949Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences
HKUJS6951Bachelor of Engineering in Engineering Science
HKUJS6963Bachelor of Engineering

Lingnan University
Institution JUPAS Catalogue No. Programme Full Title
LingnanUJS7100Bachelor of Arts (Honours)
LingnanUJS7200Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours)
LingnanUJS7300Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours)

The Hong Kong Institute of Education
Institution JUPAS Catalogue No. Programme Full Title
HKIEdJS8105Bachelor of Education (Honours) (Chinese Language)
HKIEdJS8117Bachelor of Education (Honours) (English Language) - Secondary
HKIEdJS8222Bachelor of Education (Honours) (English Language) - Primary
HKIEdJS8234Bachelor of Education (Honours) (Primary) - General Studies Major
HKIEdJS8246Bachelor of Education (Honours) (Primary) - Mathematics Major
HKIEdJS8325Bachelor of Education (Honours) (Physical Education)
HKIEdJS8337Bachelor of Education (Honours) (Music)
HKIEdJS8349Bachelor of Education (Honours) (Visual Arts)
HKIEdJS8351Bachelor of Education (Honours) (Liberal Studies)
HKIEdJS8361Bachelor of Education (Honours) (Secondary) – Information and Communication Technology Major
HKIEdJS8404Bachelor of Education (Honours) (Early Childhood Education)
HKIEdJS8507Higher Diploma in Early Childhood Education
HKIEdJS8600Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Language Studies - Chinese Major
HKIEdJS8612Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Language Studies - English Major
HKIEdJS8624Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) in Global and Environmental Studies
HKIEdJS8636Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Creative Arts and Culture - Music
HKIEdJS8648Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Creative Arts and Culture - Visual Arts
HKIEdJS8651Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) in Psychology

The Open University of Hong Kong
Institution JUPAS Catalogue No. Programme Full Title
OUHKJS9001Bachelor of Social Sciences with Honours in Psychology
OUHKJS9002Bachelor of Social Sciences with Honours in Applied Economics
OUHKJS9003Bachelor of Social Sciences with Honours in Politics and Public Administration
OUHKJS9004Bachelor of Social Sciences with Honours in Applied Social Studies
OUHKJS9011Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Chinese
OUHKJS9012Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Creative Writing and Film Arts
OUHKJS9013Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Language Studies and Translation
OUHKJS9014Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honours in Animation and Visual Effects
OUHKJS9015Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honours in Photographic Digital Art
OUHKJS9016Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Creative Advertising and Media Design
OUHKJS9220Bachelor of Business Administration with Honours in Professional Accounting
OUHKJS9230Bachelor of Business Administration with Honours in Business Management
OUHKJS9240Bachelor of Business Administration with Honours in Global Business and Marketing
OUHKJS9250Bachelor of Business Administration with Honours in Corporate Governance
OUHKJS9530Bachelor of Education(Hons)in English Language Teaching & Bachelor of English Language Studies(Hons)
OUHKJS9540Bachelor of English Language Studies with Honours
OUHKJS9550Bachelor of Language Studies with Honours (Applied Chinese Language Studies)
OUHKJS9717Bachelor of Computing with Honours in Internet Technology
OUHKJS9720Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Electronic and Computer Engineering
OUHKJS9740Bachelor of Nursing with Honours in General Health Care
OUHKJS9750Bachelor of Nursing with Honours in Mental Health Care
OUHKJS9760Bachelor of Science with Honours in Testing and Certification